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Clean bikes go faster

 A bike-cleaning tutorial By Callie Waldschmidt Photos by Brian Chapel With the onset of fall in the Pacific Northwest, cyclists rejoice. The dust of summer is subdued...

Training for Snow

These five exercises will help you prepare for winter sports and prevent injuries.

Strategic shoveling

By Jason Martin Avalanches are terrifying. Like many backcountry travelers, I’ve had a few close calls, but others have been through something far worse. They’ve been...

Prime Ice: How to get started climbing ice

Story and photos by Mallorie Estenson C’mon, Mal. You got this. You can do this. I’ve been an athlete my entire life: a competitive gymnast, a...

Achieve grace on a mountain bike with minimal effort

Story and photos by Luca Williams The first time I went mountain biking, I went with buddies from high school on a bike that wasn’t...

Dial in your bike fit

These easy adjustments can make for a much better bike ride.

Learn to fly

Learning to fly is within your reach.

The Snow Globe Effect

Story and photo by Beau Gaughran The Pacific Northwest is a land of magic. As a budding photographer who is somewhat new to the area,...

Training for race season

Physical therapist Amanda Nayfield reviews the core principles of training for a more effective workout plan.

Clean, Drain, Dry: A Bellingham program tackles underwater invasives

Story and photos by Ben Whitney Not exactly the poster children for environmental crisis, zebra and quagga mussels and other invasive freshwater species have...