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American Alps

Jason Hummel and Kyle Miller complete the fabled American Alps Traverse on skis and splitboard in the North Cascades.

Code Blue – When things go wrong on the mountain

Mountains beg to be climbed. Their tall, unwavering peaks inspire dreams of conquering towering heights and call with siren-like attraction, daring men and women to risk...

Winter 2016 photo gallery


A Month on the Mountain: Mount Baker crew does Denali

Story and photos by Andy Basabe I laid my book on the downy red ripples of Jerry’s sleeping bag and rolled on top of him...

Snow Blind

A series of mistakes led to a near-fatal disaster. Story by Patrick Kennedy Photos by Patrick Kennedy and AAI Photo Collection Five days of cool nights and...

Book Review: Cascades Rock, by Blake Herrington

Review by Jason Martin Professional climber and writer Blake Herrington has been a staple of the North Cascades climbing scene for several years now. He...

Alpine Training

Climbing big mountains requires a unique blend of physical attributes: the endurance of a marathon runner, the strength of a weightlifter and the precision and balance of a gymnast.

A history of adventure: rock climbing Washington Pass

Washington Pass offers some of the best easily accessible climbing in the state.

Labor Intensive

Labor Intensive, a climbing epic, by John Minier. Labor Day is an interesting holiday. Originally, it was meant to be an exhibition of the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations. Essentially, it was a holiday to celebrate the power...

Remembering Liz Daley

Every person who ever shared a chairlift, a slope or a rope with Liz is better for having known her.