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Alpine Training

Climbing big mountains requires a unique blend of physical attributes: the endurance of a marathon runner, the strength of a weightlifter and the precision and balance of a gymnast.

Climbing on glaciers

Ice climbing on glaciers is a popular fall sport in the Northwest.

American Alps

Jason Hummel and Kyle Miller complete the fabled American Alps Traverse on skis and splitboard in the North Cascades.

Climbing With Kids

Get them started early and who knows - your kids could wind up on the cover of Mount Baker Experience magazine.

Summit Scrambles

Scrambles require hands-and-feet climbing but not the ropes and technical know-how of rock climbing. Here are a few exciting routes in the North Cascades.

Third time’s a charm

It took two failures and a route change, but the summit of Mt. Shuksan was well-worth it.

Labor Intensive

Labor Intensive, a climbing epic, by John Minier. Labor Day is an interesting holiday. Originally, it was meant to be an exhibition of the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations. Essentially, it was a holiday to celebrate the power...

Vital Signs

Vital Climbing Gym, Bellingham's new hangout. A reasonable drive from both the North Cascades and the granite walls of Squamish, Bellingham is a popular home base for climbers. The only downside used to be a shortage of places to train during the long rainy season...

From Bali to Baker

From Bali to Baker, by Pat Grubb. Two years ago, I had the good fortune to spend nearly a month in Bali. The Balinese are a deeply spiritual people whose religion is a syncretism of Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism. They believe the sea is the source of many evil spirits and...

Dual Adventure

Dual adventure, by Jason Martin. My friend said he wanted to ride a bike to Mt. Baker, ski it and ride home in one day. Riding up to the mountain and skiing seemed reasonable, but doing it in a day sounded a little extreme...