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Dial in your bike fit

These easy adjustments can make for a much better bike ride.

Tommyhoi by bike

Biking the Mt. Baker Highway to Twin Lakes and hiking Tommyhoi Peak.


Mixing it up is helpful for many things - growing a garden, living a happy life and, it turns out, maintaining a successful mountain biking career.

CX Pro Courtenay McFadden

Since turning pro two years ago, Northwest Washington native Courtenay McFadden has rapidly gained elite status in the cyclocross world, with consistent top-10 finishes in national races.

Pedaling the coast

It’s mid-October, late evening, and the autumn rain has begun.


Bellingham's latest bike shop, Bikesport specializes in family friendly customer service.

Cyclocross: a friendly pursuit

Cyclocross: a friendly pursuit Story and photo by Quinn Welsch The wind at Cornwall Park in Bellingham was coming at them hard on the last race...

6 carless trips

Want to get away? The world beyond downtown is full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation, and you don’t even need a car to get there.

Featured Races, Fall 2013

Featured Races, Fall 2013 Ride the Chuckanut Century Bicycling enthusiast? We have the ride for you. On September 15, the Chuckanut Century bike event will bring...

Off-season fitness

Off-season fitness, by Robin Robertson. It’s dark. It’s raining. It’s below 40° F. There are galeforce winds. Any one of those reasons makes it uninspiring to go out and ride your bike. Don’t despair...