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3 Snow-free Spring Hikes

By Oliver Lazenby Unlike last year, it’s actually snowing in the North Cascades this winter. That’s good news for skiers and snowboarders but bad for...

The one Fitbit

By Steve Guntli In the 1970s, Stephen King published a book (under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman) called “The Long Walk.” The story involves a...

In their words: The Nepal Earthquake

Two local women tell their story of living through one of Nepal’s greatest tragedies Jeannie DeBari and Doreen Richmond were nearing the end of the...

Shnooker Trek

Climbing Iceland's highest peak By Aubrey Laurence At 3 a.m., I peeled back the room-darkening shades to reveal the objective of our day: Hvannadalshnúkur (pronounced kvah-nuh-doll-shnooker,...

3 Fall Hikes

Foliage trails on Highway 542 By Oliver Lazenby Fall might be the best season for hiking in the mountains. Snow is long gone, mosquitos are dead...

Tommyhoi by bike

Biking the Mt. Baker Highway to Twin Lakes and hiking Tommyhoi Peak.

The Bellingham – Mt. Baker Trail

Local runners are building the Bellingham – Mt. Baker trail in hopes of reviving the history of the Mt. Baker marathons and creating an exciting new ultramarathon.

Three amazing hikes on the Olympic Coast

Three incredible hikes on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula.

Fall Hikes

As the days become shorter and temperatures become cooler, biochemical processes begin to work their magic, transforming shades of green to a wide assortment of hues.