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Kayaking the Nooksack Delta

Sea kayaking around the Nooksack Delta in Bellingham Bay.

Enliven your kayak photography

ENLIVEN YOUR KAYAK PHOTOGRAPHY Story and photos by Neil Schulman Learn helpful tips from a professional photographer. The days are long. The weather’s warm. Paddling beckons:...

6 carless trips

Want to get away? The world beyond downtown is full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation, and you don’t even need a car to get there.

North Cascades National Park paddling guide

By Maya Hunger North Cascades National Park has everything an adventurer could dream of in the Pacific Northwest – remote wilderness full of old-growth trees,...

460 sleepless miles of trekking, mountain biking and paddling at the...

By Spencer Paxson Imagine standing on the outskirts of town. You are contemplating a journey equivalent to 17 back-to-back marathons or more if you get...

Free from time: paddling the Inside Passage

What to do after graduating high school? Take the summer off and kayak to Alaska with your friends.

Paddling Chilliwack Lake

Paddling Chilliwack Lake, by Sue Madsen. October 2006 – raindrops dot the water’s still surface and small waves lap the rocky shoreline. We’re a silent group in the morning mist as we work...

Kayaking the islands

Linking Lummi, Clark and Orcas Islands in a round-trip kayaking adventure. Use the tidal currents to your advantage.

Car-free Ski to Sea with the Wetboyz

Story by Oliver Lazenby Photos by Steven Gadingan Monday, May 23, 2016 It’s 50 minutes into a planning meeting for car-free Ski to Sea and team Wetboyz...

New access for the Nooksack?

By Wendy McDermott American Rivers director for Rivers of Puget Sound and Columbia Basin The Nooksack River is one of the only rivers in Washington that...