Local Food

Local Food

The art of cooking over an open flame By Jason D. Martin I used to hate campfires. They’re dirty. They make your clothes smell bad. They’re...

If you can see Mt. Baker, you're not far from a great brewery, and more are on the way. By Aubrey Laurence It’s hard to believe that...

An excellent chili recipe for high-calorie days in the backcountry.

These cookies are a great high-energy treat for the ski slopes or any outdoor adventure.

Bellingham Beer Week, 2014

Fine wines from east of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington have put the Northwest on the map as a favored grape growing region.

Tasting notes on ales from Aslan Brewing Co. and Wander Brewing Co., Bellingham's two new breweries.

North Cascades Institute's Foodshed Initiative is delicious and nutritious for people and the planet.

A cup of joe, and gelato to go Tasty new treats at Il Caffé Rifugio Story and photo by Brandy Shreve At Il Caffe Rifugio the walls...

What better drink to cure what ails you than that timeless classic, hot chocolate? But sometimes you long for a little variety. Cocoa, but with a twist. These five recipes give hot chocolate a hint of the unusual.