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Home grown

From delicatessens to fine dining establishments, more restaurants are seeking local food producers to supply their culinary needs. While foreign products may be less expensive than locally produced crops, there are many advantages to shopping and eating locally...

BelleWood Distilling

Story and photos by Pat Grubb Every school kid growing up knows the story of Johnny Appleseed and how he wandered around Ohio, Pennsylvania and...

Fuel the ride

Since 2007, Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods, based in Bellingham, has been helping kids get fueled up and geared up for skiing or snowboarding at the Mt. Baker Ski Area...

Ski Cookies

These cookies are a great high-energy treat for the ski slopes or any outdoor adventure.

Farmers Markets

Find a farmers market near you.

Annie’s Pizza Station

By Sue MadsenConcrete, Washington, is famous for its speed trap, its role as the setting for Tobias Wolff’s “This Boy’s Life,” and for Annie’s...

Mountain Acres Bakers

Being in a small community with a small economy can make it hard to launch your entrepreneurial endeavors, but Colin and Danielle Duffy know that the way to any town’s heart is through its stomach.

A cup of joe, and gelato to go

A cup of joe, and gelato to go Tasty new treats at Il Caffé Rifugio Story and photo by Brandy Shreve At Il Caffe Rifugio the walls...

Cold Days, Hot Toddies

By Kara Furr While I’m all for a good Tom and Jerry on a cold winter day, so many more hot cocktails are just as...

Craft beer explosion

If you can see Mt. Baker, you're not far from a great brewery, and more are on the way. By Aubrey Laurence It’s hard to believe that...