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Labor Intensive

Labor Intensive, a climbing epic, by John Minier. Labor Day is an interesting holiday. Originally, it was meant to be an exhibition of the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations. Essentially, it was a holiday to celebrate the power...

Locally crafted: ciders, meads and distilleries

For people who enjoy a good artisanal alcoholic beverage, the Pacific Northwest is the place to be.

6 carless trips

Want to get away? The world beyond downtown is full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation, and you don’t even need a car to get there.

Off-season fitness

Off-season fitness, by Robin Robertson. It’s dark. It’s raining. It’s below 40° F. There are galeforce winds. Any one of those reasons makes it uninspiring to go out and ride your bike. Don’t despair...

Vanishing Ice

For centuries, artists have tried to capture the elusive beauty of ice – blue-green translucence, whimsical melted forms, transformative immensity. Whatcom Museum's latest exhibition is the largest ever collection of these works in one place.

Vital Signs

Vital Climbing Gym, Bellingham's new hangout. A reasonable drive from both the North Cascades and the granite walls of Squamish, Bellingham is a popular home base for climbers. The only downside used to be a shortage of places to train during the long rainy season...

Fall 2013 Photo Gallery

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Earning your spurs

Earning your spurs, by Steve Guntli. The Pacific Northwest is rich in horseback riding trails, but for those who don't own a horse, the options for trail riding are relatively sparse. That doesn't mean wannabe horsemen should hang up their spurs in defeat...