MBE Fall 2014

MBE Fall 2014

With a two-handed Spey rod in the boat, clear blue skies and no deadlines overhead, we set out to float the scenic Skagit River in search of bull trout and whatever else might bite.

Epic adventures often seem a bit mythical, particularly in the telling. Still, what could be more epic than cruising by (or through) a timeless ocean-going nightmare?

It was about a week before Christmas 2012 and snowing heavily in the North Shore mountains when snowboarder Sebastian Boucher went missing in Cypress Provincial Park.

Gear up for fall adventures.


Ice climbing on glaciers is a popular fall sport in the Northwest.

Bellingham Beer Week, 2014

Fine wines from east of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington have put the Northwest on the map as a favored grape growing region.

In 2008, I watched three wolves kill a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park.

It’s mid-October, late evening, and the autumn rain has begun.