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MBE Spring 2012

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On edge

Maintaining your snow sliding tools can add years to their lives and, as we all know, the equipment is expensive. Basic maintenance at home can be rewarding and save you money, but you’ll want to leave the big repairs and edging to the professionals...

Coming home

Pro skiers don’t get health benefits or retirement packages. They get travel packages. It was always one of the opportunities of the job I desired the most – a cure for my wanderlust. Then I moved to Mt. Baker...

Tulip Time

As northwest Washington emerges from a punishing winter, Mother Nature makes it evidently clear to Whatcom and Skagit county residents that she doesn’t take orders from anyone...

Technical descent

We skied a few hundred feet one skier at a time — and we would all watch anxiously as the next skier negotiated the glacial cracks that divided the route...

Crud and mud

Your bike may speak a language all its own. Whether you are riding mountain bike trails, commuting to work or cruising city paths on the weekend, things can go wrong at any moment. If you take preventative measures to extend the life and enhance the performance of your bike, you will keep on pedaling for years to come...

I have lucky

As part of our ongoing process of sharing valuable information on backcountry travel and practices, we have an extraordinary (and very lucky) story of one man’s overnight survival ordeal in the backcountry/wilderness near Mt. Baker Ski Area.

American Alpine Institute founder Dunham Gooding

The American Alpine Institute (AAI) has grown from its beginnings in 1975 as a small outfit offering guided mountaineering trips and climbing instruction to an operation with worldwide reach. Where in the world do you want to climb? AAI can take you there...