MBE Winter 2014/2015

MBE Winter 2014/2015

Step-by-step quick reference for avalanche companion rescue

The Watson Traverse is a classic backcountry adventure over the summit of Mt. Baker, with a harrowing quandry on the far side: to send, or not to send, the Park Headwall and its tenuous bergschrund?

Great stuff for winter

The town of Glacier will test out a new battery backup system.

A trip to Mexico is a great way to beat the midwinter blues.

Slacklining is a great way to improve balance for skiing and snowboarding. It's also a lot of fun on its own.

Some tips for backcountry travel you may not have heard before.

These cookies are a great high-energy treat for the ski slopes or any outdoor adventure.

In Japan, there's no need to rush to the slopes and throw elbows to get the goods. Baker locals Grant Gunderson, Adam Ü and Rene Crawshaw show us how it's done.

Zack Giffin is known as the local Mt. Baker pro skier, but he recently began a career as co-host of a TV show about tiny houses.