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Skagit Land Trust acquires 1,000 acres of key habitat

By Oliver Lazenby Photos courtesy of Skagit Land Trust Earlier this spring the Skagit Land Trust acquired 1,000 acres of land east of Concrete in the...

The one Fitbit

By Steve Guntli In the 1970s, Stephen King published a book (under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman) called “The Long Walk.” The story involves a...

Rolling thunder

An inside look at bowling and the people who like it By Steve Guntli This is the story of how I went bowling and drank beer...

If you build it they will skate

A destination skatepark in Glacier gains a big financial boost and local support.

Cascade Loop Drive



It’s close now. My GPS readout is telling me it’s within 20 feet of where I’m standing.


Skijoring refers to the sport of running dogs (or horses) ahead of a musher on skis. The skier skis, assisting with poles, and the dog(s) pull. Simple? Not on your life.

Sled dog racing

Sled dog racing By Sue Madsen Frost crystals glitter in the cold morning air, and a brittle layer of hoar frost crunching under my skis is...

Earning your spurs

Earning your spurs, by Steve Guntli. The Pacific Northwest is rich in horseback riding trails, but for those who don't own a horse, the options for trail riding are relatively sparse. That doesn't mean wannabe horsemen should hang up their spurs in defeat...

Restorative Adventures

Restorative Adventures, by Brad Crescenzo. The beast let out a low and ominous moan as it dragged its feet toward me, inch by inch. Clawing at the air, the zombie reached for my face, and I realized I was not afraid. This may sound like something out of a Hollywood horror...