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MBE Articles

A look back at the origins of the Legendary Banked Slalom, now in its 30th year at Mt. Baker Ski Area.

Epic adventures often seem a bit mythical, particularly in the telling. Still, what could be more epic than cruising by (or through) a timeless ocean-going nightmare?

Keeping a turns-all-year streak alive takes fanatical dedication and passion for snow.

Flowing down the mountain By Ian Ferguson Photo by Patrick O'Neil John Adams, co-owner of Glacier Ski Shop, is pretty easy to pick out on the ski...

By Ian Ferguson Photos by Kristina Kurtz July 22 Every other wave sent a wall of green spraying over the bow. The electric bilge pump couldn’t keep...

A backpack uncovered from the ice of the Coleman glacier sheds light on a deadly 1986 avalanche.

Jake Merrill, Dustin Byrne and Peter Sundberg set out to traverse the Twin Sisters range in winter - a feat that, according to record, hadn't been done before.

Story by Spencer Paxson Photos by Caleb Smith "Lean it harder! Lean it! Now open it up!” I hear the coach shout from above as we...

Local runners are building the Bellingham – Mt. Baker trail in hopes of reviving the history of the Mt. Baker marathons and creating an exciting new ultramarathon.

Zack Giffin is known as the local Mt. Baker pro skier, but he recently began a career as co-host of a TV show about tiny houses.