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Mountain Masters

A day in the life of the Mt. Baker Ski Area Pro Patrol.

Close to home

Sail and SUP on the B.C. coast By Karl and Jess Kruger With clenched hands, constricted throats and nerves stretched piano wire tight, we navigate the...

Vanishing Ice

For centuries, artists have tried to capture the elusive beauty of ice – blue-green translucence, whimsical melted forms, transformative immensity. Whatcom Museum's latest exhibition is the largest ever collection of these works in one place.

North Cascades National Park paddling guide

By Maya Hunger North Cascades National Park has everything an adventurer could dream of in the Pacific Northwest – remote wilderness full of old-growth trees,...


Skijoring refers to the sport of running dogs (or horses) ahead of a musher on skis. The skier skis, assisting with poles, and the dog(s) pull. Simple? Not on your life.

The right way to answer Nature’s Call

One surefire way to spoil a pristine alpine environment is to defecate all over it. Don't be that guy.

I heard it on the highway

I heard it on the highway - Summer music festivals on Highway 542. On winter mornings when the snow is dumping in the mountains, cars flow single file down the whole length of Highway 542 to get the goods. A similar effect happens...

NeoShell in the Northwest

Is Polartech's NeoShell fabric the answer to the rainy northwest?

Sailing on the Schooner Zodiac

Sailing aboard the Schooner Zodiac is an adventure you'll never forget.

Crown Jewel Wilderness: Creating North Cascades National Park

Book excerpt by Lauren Danner North Cascades National Park is unlike any national park that came before it. Its advocates wanted to preserve it as...