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A hundred grand: set net salmon fishing in Bristol Bay

By Ian Ferguson Photos by Kristina Kurtz July 22 Every other wave sent a wall of green spraying over the bow. The electric bilge pump couldn’t keep...

Tragedy Revealed

A backpack uncovered from the ice of the Coleman glacier sheds light on a deadly 1986 avalanche.

Almost Famous: Maria Debari and friends ride 24 volcanoes in 45...

By Ian Ferguson Photos by Freya Fennwood At the Dutchman Flat Sno-Park in Oregon last April, Maria Debari, Kaitlyn Farrington and Freya Fenwood struck up a...

Mountain Biking in Bellingham

Over 50 miles of trails within the city limits and a growing trail network just south have already earned Bellingham a global reputation in the mountain bike community. Throw in 8,000 acres of recently purchased parkland, a massive core of dedicated trail builders and...

Sailing on the Schooner Zodiac

Sailing aboard the Schooner Zodiac is an adventure you'll never forget.

Summer 2015 Photo Gallery

From the San Juans to the summits, the Mt. Baker region offers limitless adventure in the summertime.

Kulshan Quest

The Kulshan Quest is an adventure race that send teams of racers around a secret course on foot, mountain bike and kayak.

The wildest animal

Grizzlies may be brought back to the North Cascades

Nick Ennen: “A laugh-inducing, board-destroying machine”

Nick Ennen: "A laugh-inducing, board-destroying machine" By Tara Nelson “With sports, there will always be progression. For wakeboarding the winch has allowed us to go...

Home on Wheels: Van life can make full-time adventure a reality

By Ian Ferguson From ski area parking lots to highway pull-offs across the continent, the van lifestyle made popular in the ’60s is experiencing a...