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Fall 2018 photo gallery


Connect with the Galaxy: A case for turning out the lights

Story by Oliver Lazenby In 1994 when the Northridge earthquake knocked out power across Los Angeles, astronomers at Griffith Observatory, just north of Hollywood, fielded...

Paddling the Skagit River

PADDLING THE SKAGIT Story by Sue Madsen From Marblemount to the delta, the Skagit River offers serenity and surprises. The Skagit River starts 23 miles north...

Restorative Adventures

Restorative Adventures, by Brad Crescenzo. The beast let out a low and ominous moan as it dragged its feet toward me, inch by inch. Clawing at the air, the zombie reached for my face, and I realized I was not afraid. This may sound like something out of a Hollywood horror...

Car-free Ski to Sea with the Wetboyz

Story by Oliver Lazenby Photos by Steven Gadingan Monday, May 23, 2016 It’s 50 minutes into a planning meeting for car-free Ski to Sea and team Wetboyz...

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace By Aneka Singlaub, Youth Leadership Coordinator at North Cascades Institute “I win, I win, I win,” announced an elated 14-year-old boy as he...

The right way to answer Nature’s Call

One surefire way to spoil a pristine alpine environment is to defecate all over it. Don't be that guy.

Cold & Bold

Jake Merrill, Dustin Byrne and Peter Sundberg set out to traverse the Twin Sisters range in winter - a feat that, according to record, hadn't been done before.

At home in the snow

At home in the snow How to build a snowcave By Ian Ferguson Whether you want to claim first tracks at the resort the next day or...

Divine Divergence

Hiking the Nooksack Cirque and Yellow Aster Butte trails