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Winter 2016 photo gallery


Shnooker Trek

Climbing Iceland's highest peak By Aubrey Laurence At 3 a.m., I peeled back the room-darkening shades to reveal the objective of our day: Hvannadalshnúkur (pronounced kvah-nuh-doll-shnooker,...

Index Provides

A climber's paradise on the Skykomish River By Stamati Anagnostou “Shank him!” The night is dark and I hear Logan’s taunt rise above the soft chitter-chatter...

Tragedy Revealed

A backpack uncovered from the ice of the Coleman glacier sheds light on a deadly 1986 avalanche.

A history of adventure: rock climbing Washington Pass

Washington Pass offers some of the best easily accessible climbing in the state.

Drytooling Mt. Baker

The Shuksan Crag on Hannegan Pass Road off the Mt. Baker Highway has been developed for drytooling, a fun combination of ice climbing and rock climbing.

Remembering Liz Daley

Every person who ever shared a chairlift, a slope or a rope with Liz is better for having known her.

Alpine Training

Climbing big mountains requires a unique blend of physical attributes: the endurance of a marathon runner, the strength of a weightlifter and the precision and balance of a gymnast.

Climbing on glaciers

Ice climbing on glaciers is a popular fall sport in the Northwest.

American Alps

Jason Hummel and Kyle Miller complete the fabled American Alps Traverse on skis and splitboard in the North Cascades.