Three Rivers

‘Round Lummi

Newsroom, Spring 2020


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Kulshan Quest

The Kulshan Quest is an adventure race that send teams of racers around a secret course on foot, mountain bike and kayak.

New access for the Nooksack?

By Wendy McDermott American Rivers director for Rivers of Puget Sound and Columbia Basin The Nooksack River is one of the only rivers in Washington that...

Three Rivers

Three rivers, by Eric Parker. The northwest corner of Washington encompasses some of the most rugged mountains in the northern Cascades and offers some of the best terrain for mountain biking, skiing, and hiking in the western states. Relatively few people know...

Paddling the San Juans

By Eric Lucas At first glance the eagle nearby looks like it is perched on the water. It’s an illusion, of course – eagles don’t perch...

Enliven your kayak photography

ENLIVEN YOUR KAYAK PHOTOGRAPHY Story and photos by Neil Schulman Learn helpful tips from a professional photographer. The days are long. The weather’s warm. Paddling beckons:...

Kayaking the Nooksack Delta

Sea kayaking around the Nooksack Delta in Bellingham Bay.

Ski to Sea competitors can now race multiple legs

A change to the historic race allows competitors to race in three legs. Teams can have between three and eight members. By Oliver Lazenby What’s the...

6 carless trips

Want to get away? The world beyond downtown is full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation, and you don’t even need a car to get there.

Clean, Drain, Dry: A Bellingham program tackles underwater invasives

Story and photos by Ben Whitney Not exactly the poster children for environmental crisis, zebra and quagga mussels and other invasive freshwater species have...

Free from time: paddling the Inside Passage

What to do after graduating high school? Take the summer off and kayak to Alaska with your friends.