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Craft beer explosion

Cold Days, Hot Toddies

Local Food

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Beer Tastings

Tasting notes on ales from Aslan Brewing Co. and Wander Brewing Co., Bellingham's two new breweries.

The Natural Connection

North Cascades Institute's Foodshed Initiative is delicious and nutritious for people and the planet.

Now we’re cooking with fire

The art of cooking over an open flame By Jason D. Martin I used to hate campfires. They’re dirty. They make your clothes smell bad. They’re...

Ski Cookies

These cookies are a great high-energy treat for the ski slopes or any outdoor adventure.

Backcountry Chili

An excellent chili recipe for high-calorie days in the backcountry.

Farmers Markets

Find fresh, locally grown produce at these farmers markets in Washington and B.C.

Maple Falls Cafe

MAPLE FALLS CAFE Gourmet eats in Maple Falls. Seattle chef and restaurateur Sam Hassan is bringing his unique take on good food to Maple Falls with...

Good Brews

GOOD BREWS Story and photos by Aubrey Laurence New breweries popping up. According to the Brewers Association, which represents craft breweries in the United States,...

Bellingham Beer Week

Bellingham Beer Week, 2014

A cup of joe, and gelato to go

A cup of joe, and gelato to go Tasty new treats at Il Caffé Rifugio Story and photo by Brandy Shreve At Il Caffe Rifugio the walls...