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Shooting Stars

Divine Divergence

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Book reviews, summer 2012

Check out these fantastic books on kayaking, cycling and organic farming.

Divine Divergence

Hiking the Nooksack Cirque and Yellow Aster Butte trails

Deming Logging Show

The first thing I saw at the Deming Logging Show grounds was an old wooden stump with dozens of chainsaws sticking out of it...

Ski to Sea preview, 2012

An update for the 2012 version of the epic seven-leg adventure race.

Farmers Markets

Find a farmers market near you.

Shooting Stars

The Perseids are one of the most prolific meteor showers of the year. They’re especially rewarding to view because they peak in mid-August, a perfect time to plan a backpacking trip for stargazing...

Zip on

Stretched between two huge trees, you’re careening through the air at what seems like a thousand miles per hour, soaring high above fields, a gully, and a lake. The call comes from 100 feet away, filtering through Douglas firs and Western red cedars. “Zip on!”

Shredding Cleator

As we turn off Chuckanut Drive and the pavement abruptly changes to gravel, my heart starts to pound with the anticipation of what lies ahead. The ascent up Cleator Road is slow, and we turn up the music to tune out the rattle of the bikes in the back of the truck...

Summer 2012 Gear

Great summer gear for 2012.

Mountain Runners

Mountain Runners By Jeremy Schwartz Like the original Mt. Baker Marathon runners they’re seeking to portray, the crew behind the docudrama “The Mountain Runners” has had...