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Enduro of Subdued Excitement

The Enduro of Subdued Excitement is one of several new mountain bike races in Bellingham that reflect the growing trail network and dedicated ridership of the Mt. Baker region.


Mixing it up is helpful for many things - growing a garden, living a happy life and, it turns out, maintaining a successful mountain biking career.

Forest Stewards

Recreation Northwest aims for sustainable recreation with the Chuckanut Community Forest as their model.

Kulshan Quest

The Kulshan Quest is an adventure race that send teams of racers around a secret course on foot, mountain bike and kayak.

Indoor Flow

Build your bike skills at the one-of-a-kind Burlington Bike Park.

Eight thousand acres of potential

Eight-thousand acres of potential The seventh-largest locally-managed park in the country just came into being in Bellingham's backyard. By Ian Ferguson Photos courtesy of Cascade Mountain Runners The...

Mobbing in the Chuckanuts

Bellingham is known for its mountain biking and its races, but until very recently the town wasn’t known for its mountain bike races. Following the success of the Chuckanut Enduro race in October, that’s probably about to change.

Mountain Biking in Bellingham

Over 50 miles of trails within the city limits and a growing trail network just south have already earned Bellingham a global reputation in the mountain bike community. Throw in 8,000 acres of recently purchased parkland, a massive core of dedicated trail builders and...

Locally owned, globally known

Locally owned, globally known, by Ian Ferguson. The owners and employees of Transition, a Ferndale-based mountain bike company, are a funny bunch. Call their headquarters and the guy on the voicemail will walk you through the menu in a Hank Hill Texas drawl. Check the...

Bellingham Traverse

A RACE FOR THE KIDS   The Bellingham Traverse celebrates the salmon life-cycle. Celebrating the life cycle of wild salmon and the natural and urban challenges...