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Winter 2016 photo gallery


A snowbridge too far

The Watson Traverse is a classic backcountry adventure over the summit of Mt. Baker, with a harrowing quandry on the far side: to send, or not to send, the Park Headwall and its tenuous bergschrund?

Third time’s a charm

It took two failures and a route change, but the summit of Mt. Shuksan was well-worth it.

Strategic shoveling

By Jason Martin Avalanches are terrifying. Like many backcountry travelers, I’ve had a few close calls, but others have been through something far worse. They’ve been...

Alpine Training

Climbing big mountains requires a unique blend of physical attributes: the endurance of a marathon runner, the strength of a weightlifter and the precision and balance of a gymnast.

Total Commitment

John Minier, Jenni Minier and Matt Primomo complete the committing Isolation Traverse, skiing and climbing from Cascade River Road to Highway 20.

Glacier travel tips and etiquette

By Jason Martin Mount Baker is a big and beautiful mountain. The fact that it can be seen from both Seattle and Vancouver is one...

Parting Shot: Jason Hummel’s glacier project

To me, the unknown is uncovering for yourself what’s new and exciting. It’s both walking in the footprints of others and creating your own...

Crevasses and Angry Dogs: A bicycle-powered Mt. Baker ski descent

Story and photos by Peter Lillesve Dogs chased me down the dark highway – fast ones, loud ones, all unleashed and unfenced. Of the many...

Meal Prep and Pocket Bacon: Eat well in the backcountry this...

By Mike McCartan The smoke near Winthrop was unbearable and the fire rained ash on our vehicles overnight; we swept it off the windshield just...