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Book excerpt: My Old Man and the Mountain

  Book excerpt by Leif Whittaker Jim Whittaker, the first American to stand on the world’s highest summit, has said he never encouraged or discouraged his...

Looking for a good book?

These new titles from Seattle’s Mountaineers Books are certain to inspire, educate and thrill you.

Art from the mountainside

If you’re in the market for a few holiday gifts to put under your tree this year, then a trip to Mountainside Gardens Gallery & Gifts on your way down from a day skiing on Mt. Baker might be in order.

Vanishing Ice

For centuries, artists have tried to capture the elusive beauty of ice – blue-green translucence, whimsical melted forms, transformative immensity. Whatcom Museum's latest exhibition is the largest ever collection of these works in one place.

I heard it on the highway

I heard it on the highway - Summer music festivals on Highway 542. On winter mornings when the snow is dumping in the mountains, cars flow single file down the whole length of Highway 542 to get the goods. A similar effect happens...

Collective Purpose: Local screen printer boosts community spirit

Collective Purpose Local screen printer boosts community spirit Story by Molly Baker Bellingham’s streets have become a little more artistic and a whole lot more hip...

Music Highway: Get Into the Groove on 542

Music Highway Get into the groove on 542 Story and photos by Travis Rambo The highway began life as a muddy trail after Jack Post and...

Great Reads

BUY LOCAL. Support your local bookseller.   Mountain Travel & Rescue by National Ski Patrol Written by experts, this manual is designed to help snowsport enthusiasts succeed in...

Book reviews, summer 2012

Check out these fantastic books on kayaking, cycling and organic farming.