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Frost Flowers

Frost Flowers Magic happens on the forest floorStory by Sue Madsen   Take a walk on a cold winter day in the Pacific Northwest lowlands and you...

Three rivers, many eagles

Winter eagle watching on the Squamish, Nooksack and Skagit By Ian Ferguson Photos by David Riffle In winter, the riparian areas around northwest rivers provide prime habitat...

Northwest Birding Festivals

Witness the great migration Festivals to inspire your inner birder By Nathan Dalla Santa Photos by David Riffle For bird watchers, spring is a magical time of year...

Which animal lives the longest?

Which animal lives the longest? Hint: it's not the Galapagos Tortoise.

Eagle Watch

 Eagle Watch By Kara Furr Photo by Gene Davis Hundreds of eagles from Alaska and northern Canada migrate to the Skagit River each winter to prey on...

Liquid light

Bioluminesence! I’d heard of it but had never seen this liquid light. As we paddled along the floating docks that ring the marina, the harbor seals sleeping there got nervous and several plunged into the water and flashed under our boats like green torpedoes.

Bird Watching for Beginners: A convenient way to connect with nature

By Oliver Lazenby  |  Photos by Eric Ellingson Birds are the living descendants of dinosaurs, heralds of seasonal change and wanderers in a global ecosystem....

Wild summer plants to balance the state of the season

By Jacqueline Thompson The Cascades truly blossom into their namesake in summer, as water rushes from glaciated peaks to feed the land and wild plants....