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In the Footsteps of Bears

Tracking wildlife on the Nooksack RiverBy Mallory Clarke Photos by Andrew Grubb and David Moskowitz We park at a slight widening of the narrow Forest Service...

Eagle Watch

 Eagle Watch By Kara Furr Photo by Gene Davis Hundreds of eagles from Alaska and northern Canada migrate to the Skagit River each winter to prey on...

Day of Raptors

Cascade foothills offers premier hawk watching By Sue Madsen Photos by Joe Meche I get out of the truck in the slanting light of the late winter...

Liquid light

Bioluminesence! I’d heard of it but had never seen this liquid light. As we paddled along the floating docks that ring the marina, the harbor seals sleeping there got nervous and several plunged into the water and flashed under our boats like green torpedoes.