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Spring 2013 photo gallery

Spectacular imagery from Grant Gunderson, Dylan Hallet, Jason Hummel, Jay Goodrich, Dylan Hart and Justin Kious.

The backcountry photographer

The backcountry photographer An interview with Jason Hummel By Ian Ferguson Jason Hummel’s photographs have appeared on magazine covers around the world, including the magazine you’re holding...

Spring 2016 photo gallery

Mattias Evangelista skiing in the Mount Baker backcountry. Grant Gunderson photo.

Parlez-vous visual language?

In this article, we’ll explore visual language: How we place objects, line and color in the frame to create strong images.

Photographers sharing the stoke

"It's my dad to whom I owe my passion for the outdoors, the privilege of learning to ski at a young age, and really...

Fall 2018 photo gallery


News briefs and feedback, summer 2019

Newsroom Notes big and small from around the region Western Washington has a wolf pack Western Washington officially has a wolf pack for the first time in...

Fall 2019 photo gallery