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Mountain Masters

A day in the life of the Mt. Baker Ski Area Pro Patrol.

Spring 2017 photo gallery


Mountain Technology: A guide’s take on what to use

By Jason D. Martin Historically, in order to escape from daily life and technology, one could go to the mountains. Now, with technology all around...

Avalanche Skills Guide: Identifying the mental traps that lead to most...

Story by Jason D. Martin You’ve skied this slope a hundred times and nothing’s ever happened before. The line isn’t what you thought, but,...

Wanna Party? A hut trip on British Columbia’s Bow-Yoho Traverse

Story and photos by Jason Griffith We’d been slogging for hours out of the Little Yoho Valley after finding the Stanley Mitchell Hut full. Darkness...

Cold & Bold

Jake Merrill, Dustin Byrne and Peter Sundberg set out to traverse the Twin Sisters range in winter - a feat that, according to record, hadn't been done before.

Winter stoke

Winter is coming.

Homemade Powsurfing: Equal parts exhilaration and terror

By Nick Belcaster Stepping on the board for the first time felt uncertain and foreign. With little sidecut, let alone edges, and foam deck padding...

Turns-all-year streakers

Keeping a turns-all-year streak alive takes fanatical dedication and passion for snow.

Code Blue – When things go wrong on the mountain

Mountains beg to be climbed. Their tall, unwavering peaks inspire dreams of conquering towering heights and call with siren-like attraction, daring men and women to risk...