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Bonnington Traverse

Bonnington Traverse Hut-to-hut skiing in B.C.’s southern interior Story and photos by Cory Tarilton In B.C.’s southern interior south of Nelson, the Bonnington Range holds rewards for...

A snowbridge too far

The Watson Traverse is a classic backcountry adventure over the summit of Mt. Baker, with a harrowing quandry on the far side: to send, or not to send, the Park Headwall and its tenuous bergschrund?

Code Blue – When things go wrong on the mountain

Mountains beg to be climbed. Their tall, unwavering peaks inspire dreams of conquering towering heights and call with siren-like attraction, daring men and women to risk...

Slacklining for snowsports

Slacklining is a great way to improve balance for skiing and snowboarding. It's also a lot of fun on its own.

Take this job and shove it

I contemplate the sick day option One that I must use with caution What I really want to say is, “Please! Please won’t you let me ski the trees?”

Mt. Baker Mountain Guides

Mt. Baker Mountain Guides New guide service launches in Bellingham Story by Brandy Kiger Originally from Alaska, and a veteran on Colorado slopes, John Minier knows...

Self help for snowboarders: how to avoid knee and back pain

By Luca Williams Snowboarding through powder snow has to be one of the world’s most fun activities. There is nothing like getting a shot of...

Japan: the cure for powder panic

In Japan, there's no need to rush to the slopes and throw elbows to get the goods. Baker locals Grant Gunderson, Adam Ü and Rene Crawshaw show us how it's done.

Shredding the Gnar

Shredding the Gnar ... And other things people say at the mountain Story by Ian Ferguson Ever wonder what the word bomber means when used as an...

Getting stoked with Grant Gunderson

Grant Gunderson, a Bellingham-based ski photographer, has been published in every major ski publication worldwide, including Ski, Skiing, Powder, Outside and many foreign titles....