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Liz Daley, Mountain Slayist

Liz Daley, Mountain Slayist By Ian Ferguson To steal a quote from Zoolander, “That Liz Daley … She is so hot right now.” A Patagonia snowboard ambassador,...

Rooms with a view

They’re open for free on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they sit on mountain peaks among some of the best skiing terrain in the Northwest.

The grain that defines: the creative world of N-Grained Inc.

Story and photos by Brad Andrew From the outside, the unassuming white stucco-clad building on the corner of Flora Street and Grand Avenue in downtown...

Nick Ennen: “A laugh-inducing, board-destroying machine”

Nick Ennen: "A laugh-inducing, board-destroying machine" By Tara Nelson “With sports, there will always be progression. For wakeboarding the winch has allowed us to go...

Mountain Masters

A day in the life of the Mt. Baker Ski Area Pro Patrol.

Snow Blind

A series of mistakes led to a near-fatal disaster. Story by Patrick Kennedy Photos by Patrick Kennedy and AAI Photo Collection Five days of cool nights and...

The Magic S Tour: Snowboard touring in Cascade Pass

Story and photos by Andy Basabe It’s a Friday evening and I’m checking the contents of my backpack, wondering what the mountains will demand of...

Maëlle Ricker

Maëlle Ricker Interview with a gold medalist By Brandy Shreve A regular competitor in Mt. Baker Ski Area’s Legendary Banked Slalom, snowboarder Maëlle Ricker was the first...

Ahead of the (Snow)Pack

Among ski areas, Mt. Baker has led the way in backcountry safety, with a responsible approach to out-of-bounds skiing and riding.

Staying Afloat: Avalanche airbags and you

In theory, these airbags will keep the skier’s body near the surface of a moving avalanche, allowing for an easier rescue. Before making any purchasing decisions, you must look at the advantages and disadvantages of three main aspects of this system.