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Contributor guidelines

for Mount Baker Experience

MBE is a quarterly magazine that covers the people, sports and activities, and the gear of outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest. Our motto is, “If you can see Mt. Baker, you are part of the experience.”

MBE’s editorial focus changes with the seasons – winter is devoted to winter sports while the summer issue, well, you get the point. Fortunately for us, many activities can be done year-round.

We are looking for writers who are passionate about what they do and are able to communicate that passion to the reader. We cover skiing (both downhill and Nordic) and snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, kayaking, biking (both road and mountain biking), and scuba diving – any sport or activity that takes place outdoors. While our primary focus is local, we occasionally run out-of-area stories.

We are also interested in profiles of engaging outdoor characters, gear reviews and techniques. Articles involving a particular sport should engage both the person thinking about trying it as well as the hard-core enthusiast. Descriptive and compelling language that conveys the attraction of the sport gains the newbie’s attention while new places or opportunities are of interest to the enthusiast. The article should not tell how to do the sport; at most, it should describe the physical requirements. No one is going to try a sport based on your description – they’ll take lessons. Provide a sidebar listing shops offering the gear, rentals and lessons.

MBE is a cross-border publication – unless your article is about a particular destination, make sure it offers something for readers on both sides of the border. If you’re listing resources, do not rely on the web alone. Call the number and confirm its existence, its address and whatever else your article says about it. You are responsible for fact checking. Thoroughness and accuracy in details, history and background are essential. Include a sidebar with brief information that allows and motivates readers to follow in your footsteps: how to get to a featured destination, nearby places of interest or accommodations, and how to obtain additional information. Include contact information for your key sources.

Pay is dependent upon length, complexities and demands of a story.
• Briefs (300 – 600 words) – $25 to $50
• Article (650 – 1,000 words) – $75 to $100
• Feature (Over 1,000 words) – $125 to $150

Articles that have appeared verbatim on any website will not be accepted. Stories that have been posted in another form online are considered previously published and will be paid at a lower rate than unpublished stories (to be determined by the editor based on overlapping content and exposure).

All stories are subject to editing, and those that require excessive editing will receive less than the standard rate of pay. If for any reason an assigned story is not published, writers are paid a kill fee of one-third the agreed-upon price. All articles and photos published in MBE will also be posted on the magazine’s website. Contributors will not be paid twice for submissions posted online and in print.

Photos: Please provide photos if your story requires them. If you are unable to supply images, discuss with the editor early in the process. Photos should be top-quality, high resolution (300 dpi) and enhance the story. Label the image with your name and subject location (JohnSmith_NooksackFalls) and include name, subject info and location in metadata. Cover images must be vertical with room at the top for MBE logo, 300 dpi at 12 x 18 inches.

Contributing photographers retain rights to the images they send us. We will not use images for any purpose beyond the magazine, its website and social media unless we obtain permission from the photographer.

Payment for photos is dependent on usage:
Cover photo – $100
Inside, full page – $75
Inside, smaller than half page – $15 to $25