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Huntoon Point snowshoe, 12/19/13


Huntoon Point snowshoe

Wednesday, December 19, 2013

Courtesy of Mount Baker Club

An even dozen gathered at Maple Falls to decide where to go today.  There was promise of sunshine with the knowledge of some fresh snow on the mountain. No wind at this point hence we drove to the upper maintenance building parking lot. The road was good and no icy spots were experienced. The road crew does a good job.

There was very little snow at the Salmon ridge snow park. That will change with the upcoming snowfall. It was quite cold at the parking lot with 30 deg F. Also a  bleak sky with the sun barely coming through. Not bad though and we set off to go to Huntoon Point. The snow was fantastic with a very thick layer of ideal snow,  soft, powder, a skiers delight.

We trekked  at our own personal best and slowly wound our way up. Although the avalanche danger was moderate, we spread 70 ft apart at the usual danger area just below Artist Point along the snow covered road. We had some newcomers and wanted to impress on them the procedure as more snow will  accumulate through the winter even when we feel it is save to go.

The views on top of Huntoon were spectacular, Mt Baker in all it’s glory and with the trees and surrounding mountains all covered with fluffy powder. It was very cold and we probably experienced the shortest lunch time ever. No jays ventured out just the odd raven made it’s presents known. The sun got bleaker and the sky got darker, snow was definitely on the way. Going down was fun and easy.

Great ambiance at the beer shrine on the way home with toasts all the way around wishing every one of us and all our members who were not there a very, very Merry Christmas, Marjan