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Introducing Skevik Skis


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Introducing Skevik Skis

Skevik Skis in Vernon, BC has been making insanely nice skis since 2008, when brothers Glenn and Gregg Anderson launched their company with help from the Faculty of Engineering at University of Victoria.

It’s still a young company, but Skevik is already light years ahead of many of its competitors. A handmade approach, top-tier materials and the powder-skiing credibility that comes with growing up on the slopes of Silverstar Mountain in northern Okanagan British Columbia gives them a definite edge.

Skevik will be joining us for the premiere of Days of My Youth at Aslan Brewing Co. on Friday, November 7. They have generously donated a pair of their Loken 116 for the raffle to benefit Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center and Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team.

The Loken is “designed for those who want to go fast on sizeable terrain.” Sounds like fun. Catskiing.ca said: “Being lighter than most big skis in their category makes it so you can ski first chair to last without your legs dropping off. If you find yourself in a cat or heli, they will take on any feature the terrain can throw at them.” Catskiing.ca

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Learn more about Skevik Skis by checking out their website here.