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Introducing the Rock Trail


Introducing the Rock Trail

I first encountered the Rock Trail when a Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 4.32.07 PMmountain biker pointed it out to me while I was covering the Chuckanut Enduro last fall. I descended a series of stair sets from the Double Black Diamond trail to a low area where the trail meanders along a wall of featured sandstone. It was like discovering the remains of an ancient cave-dwelling civilization which nature had reclaimed.

The trail wasn’t finished at the time, so I didn’t walk all the way to Lost Lake,  but the cliffs, caves and giant boulders along the path were a worthy destination on their own. It was such a cool place I brought my friends there two weekends later.

Built by volunteers with the Washington Trails Association and other volunteer organizations with a grant from REI, the Rock Trail is a fantastic addition to the network of trails that grace the Chuckanuts in Larrabee State Park. Now that it’s finished, I can’t wait to run it all the way to Lost Lake.

A celebration to dedicate the trail will be held at the trailhead this Saturday at the Cyrus Gates Overlook at the top of Cleator Road. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony, refreshments, special recognition of volunteers and a presentation highlighting the area’s geology.

To get to the party, you can drive to the top of Cleator Road (it starts out as Hi-Line Road off of Chuckanut Drive south of Bellingham) or you can park at the Lost Lake parking lot and catch a shuttle to the ceremony starting at 9 a.m.

Check our events page: here.

-Ian Ferguson