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  • Who tames the Khumbu Icefall, and other mountain trivia - This is the third installment of Mount Baker Experience Mountain Trivia. Find the answers at the bottom of this page. By Jason D. Martin 1 The well-regarded novelist behind the “Hyperion Cantos” science fiction series penned a piece of historical fiction about Mt. Everest. In his book ,“The Abominable,” a year has gone by since […]
  • Weekend Warrior(ing): Finding balance and crossing the line - Story and photo by David Gladish We left Seattle after work at 5 p.m. on a Friday in February, eager to find ice that was still “in” before the ice climbing season disappeared. We pulled into Lillooet, B.C. at 1 a.m. the next day and climbed all day Saturday and Sunday, only to turn around […]
  • Mental prep for your big race - By Sneha Patel, doctor of osteopathic medicine PeaceHealth is the title sponsor of the Bellingham Bay Marathon, which takes place on September 29, so we’re focusing our attention on training our bodies and especially our minds. Whether you’re thinking about challenging yourself with a 5K or a full marathon, mastering the mental aspect of running will be key […]
  • Unwind the effects of hiking with a heavy pack - By Luca Williams In the time I’ve known my husband, he’s only ever gone backpacking, reluctantly, with our oldest son or myself. When I plan a trip, he rolls his eyes at my love of walking for miles with a heavy load on my back. He asks what the point is of sleeping on the […]
  • Women’s Work: Making a living on the mountain - By Katie Griffith As the snow melts on Mt. Baker, hikers, climbers and campers head to the hills. Roads clear of debris, trails dry and snow consolidates to create easier passage on climbing routes. Behind the scenes of the summer recreation boom, folks prepare for a busy season of work on the mountain. Trail crews […]
  • Feast on Spring: A guide to eating seasonally - By Jacqueline Thompson As the cozy months of long nights, hearty meals and hot drinks come to an end, windows and doors fly open and we greet the sunshine and the new growth of spring. People usually want to lighten up their minds and bodies this time of year – hence purging household clutter. That’s […]
  • Sit bones stretches can prevent snowboard pain - By Luca Williams I fell in love one cold, Wisconsin winter day on my first snowboarding date with Justin Kyle Evans. Justin had me stand in front of him and suddenly he pushed me forward to determine which foot I caught my balance with, and therefore if I was goofy- or regular-footed. Then he adjusted his […]
  • Sample some of Squamish’s best mountain bike trails - By Jann Eberharter  |  Photos by Skye Schillhammer The mountain bike trails of the Sea to Sky corridor are world-famous for their quality, abundance and history. But more often than not, it’s the epic 5,000 vertical-foot runs at Whistler or the puckering skinnies and rock rolls on Vancouver’s North Shore that get the attention. In […]
  • Avalanche Forecast Refresher: Brush-up and stay safe in the backcountry - By Jason D. Martin | Images courtesy of the Northwest Avalanche Center It snowed on Wednesday. On Thursday, it rained. Today it was sunny. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to snow again … So, should I go backcountry skiing tomorrow? Will it be dangerous? Will there be avalanches? Maybe. It’s almost always possible to ski in the […]
  • Unlock your skiing potential with these exercises - By Luca Williams All of us know at least one of those people who picked up skiing quickly, with ease and grace. Us mere mortals advance slowly, however, dedicating hours to the sport, trying to figure out the intermediate or black diamond runs without hurting ourselves. Many factors make an advanced snow athlete: genetics, environment, […]

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