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  • Truck Camping (in the Snow) - Story and photos by Tony Moceri The Pacific Northwest is a camper’s paradise giving those of us that like to leave our houses behind endless options to explore new locations and return to old favorites. Whether sheltered amongst large fir trees, eating your dinner next to a rushing creek, or bedding down with a bay […]
  • Sucia Island boat camping - Story and photos by Jason Griffith The sky seemed to have merged with the sea, except the stars below the horizon were like fireflies winking on and off, too numerous to count. I’d never seen bioluminescence* like this.  The slightest movement in the water left a wake of blue-green sparkling fire that slowly faded to […]
  • Go your own pace - Solo backpacking to Wing Lake and Black Peak Story and photos by Skye Schillhammer I spent most of my life hiking, backpacking and exploring the lakes and mountains in the North Cascades. Along with my family and friends, we climbed volcanoes, completed high alpine traverses, fished as many lakes as we could find on the […]
  • Fall gear guide, 2021 - Nemo Helio Portable Shower $99.95 Unlike gravity camp showers, the Helio portable pressurized shower and sprayer rests on the ground. The 2.9-gallon tank is pressurized with a foot pump — and with occasional pumps you can keep it fully pressurized for 5-7 minutes of strong, continuous spray. The tank cannot be over-inflated. Set the black […]
  • Family backpacking trip along Chelan Lakeshore Trail to remote town of Stehekin - Story and photos by Jason Griffith Trail stats Distance: 17 miles, one way Elevation gain: 4,000 feet Max elevation: 1,700 feet Best: Spring or fall, summers are quite hot The drone of the Lady of the Lake faded slowly as we stood on the dock at Prince Creek, fiddling with gear and eating snacks, delaying […]
  • San Juans in a 16-foot outboard boat: an exotic island trip close to home - By Jason Griffith Nosing our way to the beach on Clark Island, I focused on the water, looking for rocks and trying to pick a clear path. Suddenly the cry of “Orca!” came from our friends’ boat, their children excitedly pointing to the channel between Clark and Barnes islands. I turned and looked just in […]
  • Cargo bike touring on the San Juan Islands - A professional cyclist relaxes into the pace of touring with a toddler-laden cargo bike By Spencer Paxson The prologue leg of our four-day San Juan Islands bike trip was only 50 miles, stretching from Bellingham to our first stop on Lopez Island. Normally, I wouldn’t raise a brow at that mileage, but my bike weighed […]
  • Graphite, Granite & Gravel: Art and pedaling around the west - Story, art and photos by Gretchen Leggitt I recall the exact moment, swimming in a sea of merriment at Aslan Brewing’s one-year anniversary party, when my adventure sister Robin and I conjured up a dream to do a self-supported biking and climbing tour from Bellingham to the Bugaboos in eastern British Columbia. Four years later, we […]
  • Fall 2018 photo gallery -  
  • Hiking Guide: A trio of trails in NCNP - Story and photos by Craig Romano The North Cascades National Park complex contains some of the largest roadless tracts remaining in the lower 48. Stunning views, lofty summits, sparkling alpine lakes, thundering waterways, sublime wildflowers, prolific wildlife, primeval forests, and more than 300 glistening glaciers grace the park’s nearly 700,000 acres. This raw and untamed […]

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