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  • Who tames the Khumbu Icefall, and other mountain trivia - This is the third installment of Mount Baker Experience Mountain Trivia. Find the answers at the bottom of this page. By Jason D. Martin 1 The well-regarded novelist behind the “Hyperion Cantos” science fiction series penned a piece of historical fiction about Mt. Everest. In his book ,“The Abominable,” a year has gone by since […]
  • After life-changing accident, Anna Soens finds freedom on Mt. Baker - Story by Oliver Lazenby Photos by Paul Bikis With a sea of peaks to the east and saltwater to the west, Anna Soens sits above Mt. Baker’s Roman Wall, ready to ski 5,000 vertical feet of softening snow back to camp. For Soens, 31, the location and impending descent feel like freedom. While skiers from […]
  • Jacob’s Ladder: A first known ascent on Mt. Prophet - Story and photos by Jason Griffith I’m just drifting off to sleep when I hear it, far down the Big Beaver Valley … Thud. The wind rushing up the valley sounds like a train approaching. Thud. Lightning flashes across the sky and thunder echoes as I groggily try to make sense of the noises just […]
  • Women’s Work: Making a living on the mountain - By Katie Griffith As the snow melts on Mt. Baker, hikers, climbers and campers head to the hills. Roads clear of debris, trails dry and snow consolidates to create easier passage on climbing routes. Behind the scenes of the summer recreation boom, folks prepare for a busy season of work on the mountain. Trail crews […]
  • Leave No Trace, updated for the digital era - By Jason D. Martin In 2014, a bandit was on the loose in our public lands. For 26 days, this bandit raced through seven national parks and left her mark – literally – in every one. But this wasn’t an ordinary bandit. This person wasn’t a robber or a raider; she considered herself an artist. […]
  • Graphite, Granite & Gravel: Art and pedaling around the west - Story, art and photos by Gretchen Leggitt I recall the exact moment, swimming in a sea of merriment at Aslan Brewing’s one-year anniversary party, when my adventure sister Robin and I conjured up a dream to do a self-supported biking and climbing tour from Bellingham to the Bugaboos in eastern British Columbia. Four years later, we […]
  • Fall 2018 photo gallery -  
  • Separated on the Glacier: Reflecting on a mountain mishap - A few turns off the summit, the author stopped to wait for his partner. The pair never found out what went wrong. By Ben Whitney A knot twisted in my stomach as I crouched, dumbfounded and alone, on Mt. Baker’s Coleman Saddle. “Joe,” I belted out. In the case that my shouting across the glacier wasn’t […]
  • What Would Fred Beckey Do: Inspiration from the late legend - By Mallorie Estenson “I think I want to get, ‘What would Fred Beckey do?’ tattooed on my arm,” I told my climbing partner lightheartedly. Carey and I were in Potrero Chico, Mexico, for a month of climbing beautiful bolted routes on limestone. We’d left our lives behind to drive across the border at Laredo, Texas, and […]
  • The first Mt. Baker Ultra Marathon: Concrete to Mt. Baker and back - By Oliver Lazenby In 1938, the town of Concrete in the North Cascades foothills went dark and lost power just as aliens invaded in Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds. In 2008, arsonists burned its grade school. In 2017, runners started and finished the inaugural Mt. Baker Ultra Marathon, a 50-mile foot race to the […]

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