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  • Mountain Trivia: A great bouldering spot in the Chuckanuts, and what hasn’t been named Kulshan - By Jason D. Martin This article marks the fourth time that the Mount Baker Experience has featured mountain trivia. We have run this as an actual trivia night at the Stones Throw Brewery in the past, but alas … Covid-19. Soon we’ll all be vaccinated and we’ll be able to get back to some in […]
  • Review: Higher Love - By Meg Olson Higher Love Kit DesLauriers Mountaineers Books Kit DesLauriers has climbed the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents. Then skied from the summit. That’s just nuts. In “Higher Love: Climbing and Skiing the Seven Summits,” DesLauriers takes readers along for the ride as she moves from a successful career as […]
  • Review: Orca - By Meg Olson Orca: Shared Waters, Shared Home Lynda V. Mapes Braided River, A Co-Publication with The Seattle Times Our bookstore hangs over the waters of Penn Cove where, in 1970, 100 orca were trapped behind nets and herded with firecrackers. Seven were taken into captivity and sold, and five died. Members of Lummi Nation […]
  • Review: Cookbooks for the campsite coffee table - By Meg Olson It’s time to take our meals outside. Whether you’re pitching a tent, hitting the road, or setting out on the trail, good food is part of having a good time. These books take campsite and trailside dining to a new level, from what to pack to cooking wild. The Campfire Cookbook Viola, […]
  • Who tames the Khumbu Icefall, and other mountain trivia - This is the third installment of Mount Baker Experience Mountain Trivia. Find the answers at the bottom of this page. By Jason D. Martin 1 The well-regarded novelist behind the “Hyperion Cantos” science fiction series penned a piece of historical fiction about Mt. Everest. In his book ,“The Abominable,” a year has gone by since […]
  • Outdoor Halloween horror on the little screen - By Jason D. Martin As the Halloween holiday approaches, many of us start to think about horror movies. We kind of like to be scared. We like the tension and jump-out-of-your-seat moments that are the bread and butter of these kinds of films. But deep down we know the truth. Most horror movies are complete […]
  • Parting Shot: Cellist on the Pacific Crest Trail - “I was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass solo. This fellow was on a summer break from school and spending time exploring the West Coast. We started the same day and he would walk for a few miles then stop and play. He walked almost 70 miles with that cello! […]
  • The FNRad Snowboarding Podcast - By Oliver Lazenby The surest way to create something interesting is to follow what interests you. That’s Eric Traulsen’s formula for his passion project, the FNRad Snowboarding Podcast. Through interviews with snowboard legends, Traulsen chronicles the sport’s early days, from duct-tape covered Sorel boots and the invention of the snurfer to the Mount Baker Hard […]
  • Brushes and Trails: Bellingham artist finds inspiration on foot -   Story and photo By Stefanie Donahue It takes more than a set of oil paints and the right brush for Pacific Northwest painter Kristen Ingman to create a new work of art. First, she straps on a pair of running shoes and sets forth on an artistic pursuit by trail, in search of the […]
  • Book excerpt: My Old Man and the Mountain -   Book excerpt by Leif Whittaker Jim Whittaker, the first American to stand on the world’s highest summit, has said he never encouraged or discouraged his son Leif from mountaineering. Leif found the mountains anyway.  Mt. Everest and Nepal figure prominently in Leif’s new memoir, My Old Man and the Mountain. But it’s just as […]

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