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  • Wild summer plants to balance the state of the season - By Jacqueline Thompson The Cascades truly blossom into their namesake in summer, as water rushes from glaciated peaks to feed the land and wild plants. For foragers and herbalists, summer in the Northwest is not simply abundant – it is totally epic. Sixteen-hour days hyper power a flurry of plant activity. Plant nerds stuff their […]
  • Bird Watching for Beginners: A convenient way to connect with nature - By Oliver Lazenby  |  Photos by Eric Ellingson Birds are the living descendants of dinosaurs, heralds of seasonal change and wanderers in a global ecosystem. Paying attention to birds opens a world of new sights and sounds. Bird watchers know this and implore those around them to tune into the swish of wings and birdsong […]
  • UFOiTeam investigates paranormal activity at Mount Baker - Recent UFO sighting reports prompt local group to take a closer look at the Mt. Baker area. By Pat Grubb We are not alone. Perhaps a few of us have sat at Artist Point, gazed up at the cosmos and wondered, “Is there anyone out there?” But did we get an answer? Well, some people […]
  • The Eagles Have Landed: Winter eagle watching on local rivers - By Oliver Lazenby From late November to late January, thousands of bald eagles descend on local rivers and streams in search of chum salmon. Eagles arrive from as far as Montana, northern California and Alaska, just as salmon from the Salish Sea and beyond swim upstream to spawn and die. This dance makes for some […]
  • Fall hikes to golden larch groves - By Jason Griffith The long days of sweating up trails and swatting flies are mostly behind us. Fortunately, the cool, crisp days of fall are a wonderful time in the high alpine of the Cascades. Many consider fall the best season for hiking, and for good reason. The bright scarlet of huckleberry foliage and the […]
  • Fall Foraging: Store up for winter - By Amy Gibson As autumn approaches, plants begin to ready themselves for winter. For plants, the change in temperature causes sugars to migrate and convert into different forms with a variety of effects on the plant. Just as bears fatten up and slow down for winter, plants also prepare for a season of living on […]
  • Herbal and healing tea from foraged plants - By Amy Gibson For many, summer is a time to relax, slow down, and enjoy the warm season of our lives. One way I’ve found to enjoy these months while slowing my roll is to incorporate fresh foraged plants into my tea-drinking habit. I take a walk, find plants for my tea, watch their growth […]
  • Getting Started With Spring Foraging - By Amy Gibson As winter winds down, green life emerges in the forest once again. You may notice foragers off-trail, filling baskets with robust leaves, bright flowers and small berries. Perhaps you’ve caught a bit of their fever and are curious about the plants surrounding us in this bountiful part of the world. To harvest […]
  • Three rivers, many eagles - Winter eagle watching on the Squamish, Nooksack and Skagit By Ian Ferguson Photos by David Riffle In winter, the riparian areas around northwest rivers provide prime habitat for nesting eagles. Three rivers – the Squamish, Nooksack and Skagit – offer great opportunities for the public to view and photograph throngs of these majestic raptors without […]
  • The wildest animal - Grizzlies may be brought back to the North Cascades

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