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  • Photographers sharing the stoke - “It’s my dad to whom I owe my passion for the outdoors, the privilege of learning to ski at a young age, and really just who I am today. When he expressed interest in learning to backcountry ski, I welcomed the opportunity to give back and teach him something. Even on the skin track, the […]
  • Q&A: Grant Gunderson on his photography career, safety in the backcountry, mountain biking and more - For more than 15 years, Bellingham-based photographer Grant Gunderson has shot for ski publications around the world and exposed skiers to destinations ranging from Japan to the Mt. Baker Ski Area. He grew up in Yakima, skiing at White Pass, and wrangled his love of skiing and photographing his friends into a dream career while […]
  • Kacie Cleveland on mental endurance, perspective and skating across America - By Oliver Lazenby Kacie Cleveland, owner of Kulshan CrossFit gym in Bellingham, holds the record for the fastest trip across America on inline skates. That’s a record that begs a question: why would anyone do that? For Cleveland, 34, the answer includes a struggle with a potentially fatal illness that rearranged her outlook and priorities […]
  • News briefs and feedback, summer 2019 - Newsroom Notes big and small from around the region Western Washington has a wolf pack Western Washington officially has a wolf pack for the first time in decades. This winter, a female wolf joined a male that had been captured and radio collared in Skagit County in 2017, according to the Washington Department of Fish […]
  • Season Passholes: Mt. Baker’s homegrown band - Last winter, local pro skier and off-season whale researcher and musician Adam Ü had an opportunity to put together a band for a show at the Mt. Baker Ski Area. He assembled a highly compatible crew of Mt. Baker locals as fast as he could; the Season Passholes were born. He took some time between […]
  • Fall 2018 photo gallery -  
  • UFOiTeam investigates paranormal activity at Mount Baker - Recent UFO sighting reports prompt local group to take a closer look at the Mt. Baker area. By Pat Grubb We are not alone. Perhaps a few of us have sat at Artist Point, gazed up at the cosmos and wondered, “Is there anyone out there?” But did we get an answer? Well, some people […]
  • Postcards: Climbing in the cloud kingdom of Catalonia - Story and photos by Andy Basabe Last year I ducked away from America for a job teaching English in central Spain. I went for a lot of reasons, but honestly, I ditched the U.S. because my truck was breaking down and I was broke. A plane ticket was cheaper than a new transmission. So I […]
  • Carpe Diem: Seizing opportunity after 2017’s lowland storms - It doesn’t snow at sea level in the Pacific Northwest every year, so when storms blanketed Bellingham for days at a time last winter, skiers and snowboarders took advantage. For some that meant getting in a couple turns on a thin layer of packed snow on a residential street, edges sparking against asphalt. Others took […]
  • You Can Too: A plea for more female mountain guides - By Mallorie Estenson Last month I had the opportunity to guide a team of women on Mt. Baker. We were fast. We were strong. We summited via the Coleman-Deming route in just over five hours. Back in Bellingham, the mother of two sisters on my team told me it was special to her that her […]