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  • Skagit Headwaters - B.C. and Washington governments, tribes, businesses continue to oppose mining in headwaters of Skagit River Story by Ian Haupt Photos courtesy of the Wilderness Committee Those in the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community are known as the Salmon People. They are descended from the Swinomish, Kikiallus, Samish and Lower Skagit tribes, who inhabited Skagit Valley and […]
  • Q&A: Commissioner of public lands Hilary Franz on Washington’s wildfires, new HB 1168 and more - As commissioner of public lands, Hilary Franz oversees the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Franz developed a wildfire and forest health funding bill that went into effect August 25. The bill will provide $125 million every two years to boost wildfire response, accelerate forest restoration and support community resilience. We spoke with Franz […]
  • My Private Island - A family retreat from the Diablo Lake crowds By Tony Moceri Venturing out into wilderness on a camping trip is a great way to spend time in nature and escape the crowds. At least it used to be. Camping has seen a boom over the last year as people look for ways to get out […]
  • Romancing the Seas - By Woody Moses Martine was dead serious. “No romance with clients during a trip. Ever.” Tall and muscular with wild blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, Martine stood like a general — or a Valkyrie — delivering her orders. One hand held her clipboard, the other pointed a finger at us as we sat on […]
  • Family backpacking trip along Chelan Lakeshore Trail to remote town of Stehekin - Story and photos by Jason Griffith Trail stats Distance: 17 miles, one way Elevation gain: 4,000 feet Max elevation: 1,700 feet Best: Spring or fall, summers are quite hot The drone of the Lady of the Lake faded slowly as we stood on the dock at Prince Creek, fiddling with gear and eating snacks, delaying […]
  • 65 and climbing: A Mt. Baker summit - Story and photos by Skye Schillhammer For most people, pushing the last thousand feet up the Roman Wall to the summit of Mt. Baker is a big accomplishment. But for my dad, Gary, on this day in May, it wasn’t just another summit, it was also his 65th birthday. I’m one of the lucky few […]
  • Forest schools fill the gaps for families during pandemic - Story by Katie Griffith Photos by Kat Schaumberg Head into Fairhaven’s Hundred Acre Wood Park on a Wednesday around noon, and you might just stumble across 20 children sitting on stumps and logs, quietly eating lunch and listening with rapt attention to story time. This is the weekly routine of Mossy Mentors, a new forest […]
  • Photographers sharing the stoke - “It’s my dad to whom I owe my passion for the outdoors, the privilege of learning to ski at a young age, and really just who I am today. When he expressed interest in learning to backcountry ski, I welcomed the opportunity to give back and teach him something. Even on the skin track, the […]
  • Q&A: Grant Gunderson on his photography career, safety in the backcountry, mountain biking and more - For more than 15 years, Bellingham-based photographer Grant Gunderson has shot for ski publications around the world and exposed skiers to destinations ranging from Japan to the Mt. Baker Ski Area. He grew up in Yakima, skiing at White Pass, and wrangled his love of skiing and photographing his friends into a dream career while […]
  • Kacie Cleveland on mental endurance, perspective and skating across America - By Oliver Lazenby Kacie Cleveland, owner of Kulshan CrossFit gym in Bellingham, holds the record for the fastest trip across America on inline skates. That’s a record that begs a question: why would anyone do that? For Cleveland, 34, the answer includes a struggle with a potentially fatal illness that rearranged her outlook and priorities […]