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  • Pre-race tips for marathoners and other racers - By Robert Rush, M.D. With sunnier skies, longer days and the Bellingham Bay Marathon coming up in September, it’s a good time to start talking about how to avoid injuries and ailments during vigorous exercise. Being healthy and prepared at the starting line is the single best thing you can do to make sure you […]
  • The Miracle Route: An off-trail circumnavigation of Mt. Baker - Story and photos by Krissy Moehl September 4, 2019 Janet starts to rock a bit and I let off the gas as the potholes deepen. Having turned off the paved road in my van (my family has an affinity for naming inanimate objects), this final stretch to the Ridley Creek Trailhead jogs my memory. I’ve […]
  • Mental prep for your big race - By Sneha Patel, doctor of osteopathic medicine PeaceHealth is the title sponsor of the Bellingham Bay Marathon, which takes place on September 29, so we’re focusing our attention on training our bodies and especially our minds. Whether you’re thinking about challenging yourself with a 5K or a full marathon, mastering the mental aspect of running will be key […]
  • Ski to Sea competitors can now race multiple legs - A change to the historic race allows competitors to race in three legs. Teams can have between three and eight members. By Oliver Lazenby What’s the hardest segment in the seven-leg Ski to Sea race? The eight-mile downhill running leg is a strong candidate. But the kayak leg can be grueling in the wrong conditions. […]
  • Mountain Trivia: Think you know the Cascades? - Politicians on first ascents, highest peaks, glaciology and an accidental bowel movement By Jason D. Martin Our last installment of mountain trivia was popular so we’re back with more. Think you know the North Cascades? Take our test to find out. 1) On March 6, 2010, Daniel Jeffrey and Tom Sjolseth made the first ascent […]
  • The first Mt. Baker Ultra Marathon: Concrete to Mt. Baker and back - By Oliver Lazenby In 1938, the town of Concrete in the North Cascades foothills went dark and lost power just as aliens invaded in Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds. In 2008, arsonists burned its grade school. In 2017, runners started and finished the inaugural Mt. Baker Ultra Marathon, a 50-mile foot race to the […]
  • Swimrun: An amphibious new sport debuts in the Northwest - By Oliver Lazenby Photos by Tyson geBauer Swimming and running both offer simplicity. You can do either sport with basically no special, expensive gear. Put the two together and they still don’t really require extra gear. In fact, one can run to the water, swim across it to the trail, get out of the water […]
  • Brushes and Trails: Bellingham artist finds inspiration on foot -   Story and photo By Stefanie Donahue It takes more than a set of oil paints and the right brush for Pacific Northwest painter Kristen Ingman to create a new work of art. First, she straps on a pair of running shoes and sets forth on an artistic pursuit by trail, in search of the […]
  • There and Back: Running across the Grand Canyon twice in a day -   Story and photos By Amelia Bethke 6 a.m., November 18 South Kaibab Trailhead, 7,260 feet From the dark, a frigid wind clawed at my legs, my spandex leggings seemingly disintegrated, and I am totally exposed on the edge of a vast unknown. I wandered close to a corral where some large, furry creatures moved […]
  • Catching up Krissy Moehl, top ultra runner and Northwest native - By Oliver Lazenby When Krissy Moehl quit her day job seven years ago for ultra running, it allowed her the time to pursue any opportunities that came her way. Since then, she’s clocked the fastest-known time on the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail, written a book called “Running Your First Ultra,” supported friends and fellow runners […]

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  • Why your next doctor appointment might yield a prescription to play outside - By Oliver Lazenby There’s a pill for that. Maybe “that” refers to heart disease, ADHD, depression, obesity or a galaxy of other ailments. But there’s also something else for that: exercising outside and spending time in a natural environment. Exposure to nature is associated with lower blood pressure, reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol […]
  • Celebrate the future Lake Whatcom Park - Celebrate the future Lake Whatcom Park Ever since Whatcom County Council made the decision to purchase 8,884 acres of land surrounding Lake Whatcom last March, hikers, runners, mountain bikers, equestrians, conservationists and the county parks department have been poring over maps and dreaming big. Keep an eye out for the spring issue of Mount Baker […]
  • A wet and wild ride: Ski to Sea 2013 - Conditions were soggy but competition was fierce at this year’s Ski to Sea, in which 500 teams skied, ran, biked and paddled the brutal 90-mile racecourse from Mt. Baker Ski area to Bellingham Bay. Our Mt. Baker Experience team, though inexperienced, performed decently well. We placed 183rd out of 500 teams overall, and 13th in […]

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