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  • Koma Kulshan car camping guide - Story and photos By Patrick Beggan For an easy night under the stars, it’s hard to beat car camping. Though Whatcom County doesn’t have a major mountain pass or an abundance of built-up campgrounds for RVs and high traffic, there’s plenty of quality car camping around. If you know where to go, camping in the […]
  • Postcards: Greetings from the winter sky -   Story and photos by Audra Mercille When Rio and I set out for the North Twin Sister, some would have called us crazy – not just because of our familiar but challenging destination or the vast amount of equipment we had loaded on the motorcycle, but also because of our late afternoon departure from […]
  • Connect with the Galaxy: A case for turning out the lights - Story by Oliver Lazenby In 1994 when the Northridge earthquake knocked out power across Los Angeles, astronomers at Griffith Observatory, just north of Hollywood, fielded calls from people wondering why the sky looked so strange. Ed Krupp, director of the observatory, realized callers were so unfamiliar with the sight of stars they didn’t know what […]
  • Summer Night Skies - Crystal clear summer nights are perfect for watching meteor showers and stargazing. When and where to watch, and some apps to help.
  • Shooting Stars - The Perseids are one of the most prolific meteor showers of the year. They’re especially rewarding to view because they peak in mid-August, a perfect time to plan a backpacking trip for stargazing...

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