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Parting shot

Mountain goats in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Leavenworth, WA. Skye Schillhammer photo

“The luckiest day of my life: I had been wandering around the Alpine Lakes Wilderness outside of Leavenworth, waiting for the sun to set and hopefully capture some nice images. In the moment, I was so focused on the composition of the shot that I didn’t even notice these two mountain goats wandering up next to me. When I pulled my eye out of the camera I was startled by them moving along the lakeshore. I didn’t have time to change settings. I just raised the camera and started shooting.” – Skye Schillhammer    x

Skye Schillhammer is a rider, photographer and cinematographer for Transition Bikes in Bellingham. When he’s not on assignment or on a bike, you can find him deep in the woods building trails and soaking in the PNW.