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Photographers sharing the stoke


“It’s my dad to whom I owe my passion for the outdoors, the privilege of learning to ski at a young age, and really just who I am today. When he expressed interest in learning to backcountry ski, I welcomed the opportunity to give back and teach him something. Even on the skin track, the smile says it all.”
– Matthew Tangeman

“My daughter was a little nervous, but determined. Insisting on wearing a dress for her first real trail ride, she took a couple solid crashes right off the bat, but dusted herself off each time and hopped back on the bike, eager for more.  We didn’t go far, distance-wise, but seeing how proud she was at the end felt more satisfying than any all-day epic.”
– Eric Mickelson

“Laura Jackson (not pictured) gathered a group of her favorite women and wigs and took us for an overnight on one of the islands. Every time you thought it was time to relax, Laura would yell ‘Everybody back in the boats,’ and we’d set off to gather firewood, watch the sunset, collect kelp for dinner or see the bioluminescence. We learned proper kelp harvesting technique and how to pack an absurd amount of accoutrements in the boats. We played games and laughed into the night. We woke up with the sun and tandem paddled our way home, with Baker in the foreground and happy times left behind. Shot on expired 35mm color film.”
– Anne Cleary

“Sharing the stoke: turns out the stoke is real, and really contagious! Olivine was six-months-old for her first backpacking trip on the shore of Lake Chelan. She learned to crawl on the shores of Baker Lake. She took her first cold water dip in the Glacial water of Lake Ann. Some of her best naps are among the trees in the mossy forest of the Mount Baker Wilderness. The joy on her face when her hands are digging in the dirt, the awe and wonder listening to the sounds of the forest, these things make every ounce of effort, weight and logistics absolutely worthwhile. Slowing down, tasting the earth, counting the worms and smelling the flowers, with her attention to the smaller details, Olivine has surely shared the stoke with me as well.”
– Audra Lee Mercille