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Skiing Squak Glacier


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For the Turns-All-Year crowd, skiing Squak Glacier in June or July is a must. Start on the Scott-Paul Trail, a 7.5 mile loop trail near Concrete. In the early spring, it’s easy to lose the trail for the first mile, but head due north with a creek on either side of you. At about 2 miles, the trail heads left and a climber’s trail branches off to the right.

Stay on the climber’s trail and continue hiking north to reach the glacier around 6,200 feet. The Forest Service allows camping above 6000′. A campsite can be found alongside the Sulphur Moraine (right-hand edge of the glacier) at 6,960 feet. There is another campsite below a Prow of rock at 7,680 feet.

This track goes all the way to the summit. To get there, skirt the rock Prow to the west and then continue north to below a small horn on the Sherman Crater rim. The Easton and Squak routes merge near here to the north. Negotiate the short steep slope to the crater rim and climb the final steep slope up to the summit plateau. Stay left (W) of the crater (and rock wall above it) and right (E) of the Roman Wall. Descend by the same route.