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  • The Miracle Route: An off-trail circumnavigation of Mt. Baker - Story and photos by Krissy Moehl September 4, 2019 Janet starts to rock a bit and I let off the gas as the potholes deepen. Having turned off the paved road in my van (my family has an affinity for naming inanimate objects), this final stretch to the Ridley Creek Trailhead jogs my memory. I’ve […]
  • After years of change Gear Aid is spreading its philosophy of gear care and repair - By Oliver Lazenby For people who use Gear Aid products, Pat Kennedy’s first experience with the company may sound familiar. The first time he wore his $300 Mountain Hardwear puffy coat – the first nice puffy coat he ever owned – his dog jumped on him and tore a one-inch rip in the synthetic fabric. […]
  • Citizen scientists measuring snow in places scientists can’t - By Elizabeth Kimberly With the onset of spring in the Cascades, the mountain snowpack begins its annual phase change: dense snow becomes cold, flowing water – sustenance to the watershed.  To better predict the volume and timing of snowmelt, scientists need an accurate yearly record of snow depth in the mountains. On a grander scale, […]
  • Avalanche Skills Guide: Identifying the mental traps that lead to most accidents - Story by Jason D. Martin You’ve skied this slope a hundred times and nothing’s ever happened before. The line isn’t what you thought, but, hey, you’re here. You may as well stick to it. You know you’re a badass. You can ski anything. You know all about avalanche terrain. You’ll be fine! It’s a beautiful […]
  • Following Footsteps: Climbing Rainier in gear from a famous 1963 expedition - By Andrew Waite About halfway across the Cowlitz Glacier, one of my crampons fell off for the first time. It loosened again on Cathedral Gap and then fell off on Ingraham Flats. From the front of our rope team, my guide’s headlamp beam swiveled toward me. “Let’s fix it at the first break,” Steve said. […]
  • Graphite, Granite & Gravel: Art and pedaling around the west - Story, art and photos by Gretchen Leggitt I recall the exact moment, swimming in a sea of merriment at Aslan Brewing’s one-year anniversary party, when my adventure sister Robin and I conjured up a dream to do a self-supported biking and climbing tour from Bellingham to the Bugaboos in eastern British Columbia. Four years later, we […]
  • Wanna Party? A hut trip on British Columbia’s Bow-Yoho Traverse - Story and photos by Jason Griffith We’d been slogging for hours out of the Little Yoho Valley after finding the Stanley Mitchell Hut full. Darkness approached and our sole car was 46 kilometers away at Bow Lodge, on the other side of the mountains we had just crossed over the past four days. We left […]
  • Meal Prep and Pocket Bacon: Eat well in the backcountry this winter - By Mike McCartan The smoke near Winthrop was unbearable and the fire rained ash on our vehicles overnight; we swept it off the windshield just to be able to see clearly. Our fire crew dealt with this constantly while trying to make loads of overtime pay to squirrel away for off-season adventures. On a lunch […]
  • Crevasses and Angry Dogs: A bicycle-powered Mt. Baker ski descent - Story and photos by Peter Lillesve Dogs chased me down the dark highway – fast ones, loud ones, all unleashed and unfenced. Of the many contingencies I thought about before this adventure – things like glacier travel, flat tires, sunburn, calories, and companions – dogs were not on my radar. Nor were hot rod semi […]
  • Parting Shot: Jason Hummel’s glacier project - To me, the unknown is uncovering for yourself what’s new and exciting. It’s both walking in the footprints of others and creating your own for future generations to follow. It’s pointing on a map and asking, “What is here?” It’s going there to find out because you need to know. Those question marks are invitations, […]

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