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  • Review: Higher Love - By Meg Olson Higher Love Kit DesLauriers Mountaineers Books Kit DesLauriers has climbed the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents. Then skied from the summit. That’s just nuts. In “Higher Love: Climbing and Skiing the Seven Summits,” DesLauriers takes readers along for the ride as she moves from a successful career as […]
  • Courtesy of the wings - Story by Elizabeth Kimberly Your vantage is different from the sky. With wings, you can kiss volcanic summits and lenticular clouds in a matter of minutes. You can witness a landscape’s patterns – like avalanche crowns concentrated on south-facing slopes, where northerly winds deposited meters of snow; or the consistent elevation of snow line from […]
  • Winter Magic: 3 easy snowshoe trips near Vancouver - Story and photos by Lisa Pulsifer Something magical happens once winter arrives in the mountains. The hard angles of the rocks disappear under a thick blanket of snow. The forest transforms as snow builds up and weighs down the boughs of the evergreens. Lakes disappear under ice and sounds fade as animals retreat into dens, […]
  • MBE hits kickers - Kathryn Thorney and a friend ventured beyond the Blueberry Cat Track at Heather Meadows this weekend. They found a ridge with a half dozen perfectly shaped booters melting in the sun, and spent some time sampling each cheese wedge. They took the Fall 2012 issue of MBE along for the ride.   Note the unbridled […]

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