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  • Courtesy of the wings - Story by Elizabeth Kimberly Your vantage is different from the sky. With wings, you can kiss volcanic summits and lenticular clouds in a matter of minutes. You can witness a landscape’s patterns – like avalanche crowns concentrated on south-facing slopes, where northerly winds deposited meters of snow; or the consistent elevation of snow line from […]
  • Fall/early winter 2021 gallery - Carl Simpson climbs through thick fog in the skeleton of a burned forest. Crystal Mountain backcountry, Washington. Jason Hummel photo. .
  • How to stay in shape even if you’re stuck at home - Story and photo by Luca Williams Every fall, when the rain begins, I begin to dread Jillian Michaels’ sly lift of her lip as she yells at me through my TV screen, “Just one more! Work harder!” I turn to exercise videos and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to stay in shape when it’s too […]
  • Winter gear guide, 2021 - Lib Tech Orca Breach the deep, eat the mank, slay the crud. The Lib Tech Orca does it all. Amazingly forgiving and easy to ride, but also powerful and stable. It has the dimensions of a powder board, but can also carve hard snow and ice. It makes bad snow easy, and good snow a […]
  • Chains and all-wheel-drive vehicles - By Doug Dahl Q: The Washington State Patrol lists “alternative traction devices” that are approved for use when “Chains Required” signs are posted. However, the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) states that when chains are required “AWD vehicles will be exempt . . . provided that tire chains for at least one set of drive tires […]
  • Citizen scientists measuring snow in places scientists can’t - By Elizabeth Kimberly With the onset of spring in the Cascades, the mountain snowpack begins its annual phase change: dense snow becomes cold, flowing water – sustenance to the watershed.  To better predict the volume and timing of snowmelt, scientists need an accurate yearly record of snow depth in the mountains. On a grander scale, […]
  • Q&A: Grant Gunderson on his photography career, safety in the backcountry, mountain biking and more - For more than 15 years, Bellingham-based photographer Grant Gunderson has shot for ski publications around the world and exposed skiers to destinations ranging from Japan to the Mt. Baker Ski Area. He grew up in Yakima, skiing at White Pass, and wrangled his love of skiing and photographing his friends into a dream career while […]
  • Avalanche Skills Guide: Identifying the mental traps that lead to most accidents - Story by Jason D. Martin You’ve skied this slope a hundred times and nothing’s ever happened before. The line isn’t what you thought, but, hey, you’re here. You may as well stick to it. You know you’re a badass. You can ski anything. You know all about avalanche terrain. You’ll be fine! It’s a beautiful […]
  • Community-built hut is the first of three in the Whistler backcounty -  By Lisa Pulsifer Just beyond the chairlifts and busy slopes of Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort lies over 750 square miles of protected land encompassing jagged peaks, deep valleys, glaciers, rivers and lakes. Multi-day backcountry exploration beyond the confines of the ski resort has been limited to the committed few. That changes this season. The community-built, […]
  • Opening Day: An ode to the unscheduled holiday - Story and photos by Brad Andrew Opening day at Mt. Baker Ski Area – the day when snow-lovers rejoice and reunite – happens annually. Exactly when, no one knows, and that is why it is so extraordinarily special. It’s not marked on a pre-printed calendar and manufactured by conglomerates with bottomless pockets. There are no […]

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  • Winter gear guide, 2021 - Lib Tech Orca Breach the deep, eat the mank, slay the crud. The Lib Tech Orca does it all. Amazingly forgiving and easy to ride, but also powerful and stable. It has the dimensions of a powder board, but can also carve hard snow and ice. It makes bad snow easy, and good snow a […]
  • Vision exercises for snowboarders and skiers - The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust By Luca Williams From the moment we wake up, our eyes are at work, allowing us to text, drive, work on a computer, stare at our kids, friends, and partners with love or frustration. Then, for […]
  • Wanna Party? A hut trip on British Columbia’s Bow-Yoho Traverse - Story and photos by Jason Griffith We’d been slogging for hours out of the Little Yoho Valley after finding the Stanley Mitchell Hut full. Darkness approached and our sole car was 46 kilometers away at Bow Lodge, on the other side of the mountains we had just crossed over the past four days. We left […]
  • Avalanche Forecast Refresher: Brush-up and stay safe in the backcountry - By Jason D. Martin | Images courtesy of the Northwest Avalanche Center It snowed on Wednesday. On Thursday, it rained. Today it was sunny. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to snow again … So, should I go backcountry skiing tomorrow? Will it be dangerous? Will there be avalanches? Maybe. It’s almost always possible to ski in the […]
  • Mountain Technology: A guide’s take on what to use - By Jason D. Martin Historically, in order to escape from daily life and technology, one could go to the mountains. Now, with technology all around us, the ability to escape seems more difficult. While that has a downside, mountain technology is getting better every day and it’s hard to ignore its usefulness. To help you […]
  • Separated on the Glacier: Reflecting on a mountain mishap - A few turns off the summit, the author stopped to wait for his partner. The pair never found out what went wrong. By Ben Whitney A knot twisted in my stomach as I crouched, dumbfounded and alone, on Mt. Baker’s Coleman Saddle. “Joe,” I belted out. In the case that my shouting across the glacier wasn’t […]
  • Fix pain from snowboarding with the tree pose - Snowboarding’s asymmetry can extract a physical toll. If you let it. By Luca Williams My mother grew up in a small town in the mountainous region of Panama. She was one of five kids all born at home without a doctor. My grandmother, Abuela Carolina, was a single mom making money by sewing dresses with […]
  • Snowboarding returns to its essence - Story and photos by Beau Gaughran Banked slalom races are spreading throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Although Mt. Baker Ski Area’s Legendary Banked Slalom started over 30 years ago (shortly after the sport itself), the format has only just started to reach the wider world of snowboarding. Just last winter both Stevens Pass and […]
  • Winter 2018 photo gallery -    
  • The FNRad Snowboarding Podcast - By Oliver Lazenby The surest way to create something interesting is to follow what interests you. That’s Eric Traulsen’s formula for his passion project, the FNRad Snowboarding Podcast. Through interviews with snowboard legends, Traulsen chronicles the sport’s early days, from duct-tape covered Sorel boots and the invention of the snurfer to the Mount Baker Hard […]

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