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  • MSR Evo snowshoe review - Dependable snowshoes are an easy way to get outside this winter By Chris Gerston, owner of backcountry essentials Keeping active in the winter can be difficult for some hikers, since so many favorite local trails are covered in snow. This is a great time to explore the world of snowshoeing, and it’s easier to try […]
  • Snowshoes and Brews: Destinations for winter trails and beer - By Brandon Fralic When the lowlands succumb to sogginess and the highlands are buried in snow, there’s one thing that gets me through Northwest winters: beer. Warmer winter brews provide comfort from the cold. And because moderate outdoor activity effectively cancels out the calories – with the added benefits of fresh air and sunlight – […]
  • Snowmobile club installing beacon checkers at local trailheads - By Oliver Lazenby Have you ever gone to turn off your avalanche beacon after a day in the backcountry and found out you never turned it on? If you haven’t made this potentially fatal mistake, you’ve probably been with a friend who has. This winter, the Northwest Glacier Cruisers snowmobile club is installing electronic trailhead […]
  • NWAC raising money for forecast system updates - The Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) spring fund drive starts today. As more and more skiers flood the backcountry, NWAC’s avalanche and weather forecasts are more crucial now than ever. This year, NWAC is raising money for a rebuild of its mountain weather forecast. The fund drive runs through May 3, and every $25 you donate gets […]
  • Uphill battle - An indoor enthusiast ventures to Artist Point on snowshoes.
  • Snowshoeing 101 - Snowshoeing 101Story by Aubrey Laurence When I first moved to Bellingham from Colorado, someone in a bar told me that if I could survive two winters here, I would be OK. “It’s kind of like Little Alaska here,” he said. “To keep yourself from getting too depressed during the dark and rainy winters, you have […]
  • Shredding Ready -     Getting prepared for backcountry skiing By Sam Lozier  Photo by Patrick Kennedy You’ve seen tracks out on Shuksan Arm or read about backcountry skiing in magazines. The allure of untracked powder is strong, but backcountry skiing can be initially overwhelming. Where do you even start? At a minimum, you’ll need to equip yourself […]
  • Talk Back - The communication rule to live by TALK BACKThe communication rule to live by Story by Molly Baker  Photo by Jefferson Morriss Many people have theories about what makes skiing, backcountry skiing in particular, a risky endeavor. My mom thinks the act of simply putting on skis catapults you into the danger zone. My boyfriend believes […]
  • Snow Blind - A series of mistakes led to a near-fatal disaster. Story by Patrick Kennedy Photos by Patrick Kennedy and AAI Photo Collection Five days of cool nights and rain on my metal roof had lulled me to sleep each night with the promise of bottomless powder runs in the alpine. But five days of rain also […]
  • Code Blue – When things go wrong on the mountain - Mountains beg to be climbed. Their tall, unwavering peaks inspire dreams of conquering towering heights and call with siren-like attraction, daring men and women to risk life and limb to make the summit. Glaciers only serve to increase the attraction – and the risk. The North Cascades are no stranger to risk takers. With its wide […]

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  • Winter Magic: 3 easy snowshoe trips near Vancouver - Story and photos by Lisa Pulsifer Something magical happens once winter arrives in the mountains. The hard angles of the rocks disappear under a thick blanket of snow. The forest transforms as snow builds up and weighs down the boughs of the evergreens. Lakes disappear under ice and sounds fade as animals retreat into dens, […]
  • Avalanche Forecast Refresher: Brush-up and stay safe in the backcountry - By Jason D. Martin | Images courtesy of the Northwest Avalanche Center It snowed on Wednesday. On Thursday, it rained. Today it was sunny. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to snow again … So, should I go backcountry skiing tomorrow? Will it be dangerous? Will there be avalanches? Maybe. It’s almost always possible to ski in the […]
  • Find Your Class: Avalanche education splits into professional and recreational tracks - By John Minier For years, backcountry skiers and snowboarders with some avalanche training and a desire to learn more about the subject had a lack of options. For most recreational skiers with an American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) Level 1 course, the next option was an AIARE Level 2 course. That course […]
  • Don’t poke the dragon in the eye - Don’t poke the dragon in the eye Why every backcountry traveller should take an avalanche course By Ian Ferguson I’ve considered myself a backcountry skier since 2004 when, at the age of 14, I hiked Tuckerman Ravine on Mt. Washington with skis on my back and skied the Sherburne trail back to the parking lot. […]

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