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Spring 2018 photo gallery

Out for a ride on Galbraith Mountain. Eric Mickelson photo.
Tim Black watches Seth Holton drop in on Mt. Spickard / Jason Hummel photo.
Harper Moore swan dives through summer on Lake Whatcom / Evan Skoczenski photo.
Mt. Adams campsite / Evan Skoczenski photo.
Holly Walker and Julie Cossette hiking and scrambling a rocky fin on the Brohm Ridge. Mt Garibaldi, B.C. / Re Wikstrom photo.
Daniel Hassell on High Plains Drifter in Squamish / Matthew Tangeman photo.
Kruz Von Karstedt bouldering at Larrabee State Park / Matthew Tangeman photo.
Laura Jackson checking in with the surf / Anne Cleary photo.
Caldwell Clark and Willow swimming in Bagley Lakes / Anne Cleary photo.
Jann Eberharter, Laura Jackson and Sam Manna securing the bikes on an afternoon shuttle lap / Anne Cleary photo.
Sam Manna riding Predator on Tiger mountain on a foggy summer morning / Anne Cleary photo.
Dawn start on a June ski mission / Anne Cleary photo.
Ella Skalwold on Galbraith’s Oriental Express before it was logged / Anne Cleary photo.
A kayaker in Cheakamus Canyon outside Squamish / Beau Gaughran photo.
Ty Johnson reaching snowline on Mt. Baker / Gabe Rogel photo.
Christina Volken, Michael LaMartin and Matt Kneipp hiking in the North Cascades / Gabe Rogel photo.
Steve Trent jumps a creek on the way to Mt. Rainier / Jason Griffith photo.


Boots hanging to dry in camp on the north side of Mt. Adams / Jason Hummel photo.
Climbing out of the woods on Mt. Baker / Jason Hummel photo.
Tim Black on a pinnacle in the Chilliwack Mountains / Jason Hummel photo.